1 July, 2022

Cubro - Launch Of Aggregator C32

The use cases of Aggregator C32 include:

1. Aggregation
The C32 is designed to receive traffic from a single or multiple 40/100 Gbps link (s) via the monitoring ports of an inline tapping device. The incoming traffic can be further aggregated to single or multiple outputs to connect analyzers and monitoring tools as required.

2. Filtering
The Aggregator C32 supports up to 4000 parallel running IPv4/IPv6 filters. These filters can be used to redirect a selected part of the incoming traffic to a low bandwidth monitoring tool.

3. Extending 100G interfaces for “advanced” NPB functions
The Cubro C32 further enhances and extends the capabilities of Cubro´s advanced Network Packet Brokers such as the Omnia120 or the EXA32100A. The straight-forward and transparent design of the C32 allows it to extend the 100G port coverage of those solutions. Thus, the combination of the C32 and Omnia is a perfect solution for more advanced use-cases such as keyword or Regex filtering for multiple 100Gbit/s links.

4. Cubro Vitrum integration
The Aggregator C32 can be added to the existing Cubro Vitrum platform which allows the user to take advantage of the multiple visibility features like, Topology Discovery, Multi Device Upgrade, Centralised Upgrade and the graphical dashboard to visualze long-time stored port statistics.